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Where can I find these old footballs?

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  • Where can I find these old footballs?


    I hope I'm posting this in the right forum.

    I'm searching for a type of old football/soccer ball that was used throughout Indonesia in the 1970's and 1980's.

    These footballs/soccer balls are made of "vinyl rubber". They look like a normal rubber footballs, but instead of rubber, they are made of vinyl rubber. They were very popular and commonly used all over Indonesia in soccer matches. If anyone has old footballs/soccer balls that are from the 1970's, and had been match used, I'd like to buy them. Please send me a PM or reply to this post.

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    Just to be sure, it’s the plastic-like material right? The much lighter version of a football? s it really uncommon? I seem to find them in lots of places near my area. It was used often back in the 90s. Then again i stay in a more rural area. I can check if you like or if you’re still interested.


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      Now I think you can find it in the big sports shop.


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        Originally posted by Pixelmeow View Post
        Just to be sure, it’s the plastic-like material right? The much lighter version of a football? s it really uncommon? I seem to find them in lots of places near my area. It was used often back in the 90s. Then again i stay in a more rural area. I can check if you like or if you’re still interested.
        Yes, PVC is naturally a rigid plastic, but when plasticizers are added, it became a very malleable / pliable composite, making it suitable as a synthetic rubber or vinyl rubber. They stopped production of PVC soccer balls in the early 1980's, but many are still being used today. They were commonly used all over Indonesia in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, they might be a bit harder to find, but there are a few out their. They are the same weight as a standard rubber soccer ball. In fact, it quite difficult to tell them apart from a rubber soccer ball, but there are subtle differences.

        Smell/odor::: Vinyl rubber will not have that rubbery odor, that is very common with rubber balls.

        Color:::Most, but not all vinyl rubber soccer balls will have a bit of a "cream hue" to the out cover. It very noticeable outside in the sun, when comparing the two composites.

        Inflation requirements::::Only vinyl rubber soccer balls required 6lbs/psi of air pressure. Rubber soccer balls will usually have a variable rating such as 6-8lbs, or 7-9lbs.

        Country of origin:: All vinyl rubber soccer balls were manufactured in Japan. I could be wrong though, but I have yet to find one that was not. All standard rubber soccer balls are made in China, Taiwan, Korea, and here in Indonesia.

        Brands:::The popular brands that made vinyl rubber balls in the 1970s were Molten, Asics, Mikasa, Mizuno, Olympus just to name a few. There were many other smaller brands that also sold vinyl rubber soccer balls.

        Texture ( after years of heavy match use )::: Vinyl rubber soccer balls were quite rigid when first purchased. As they got used more and more in soccer games/matches, they became softer and softer. Rubber balls did not. Rubber is naturally very elastic, and so will not stretch to much. Vinyl rubber will, and its this stretching that makes these ball softer, the more they were used. Today, if one of these footballs was to be found ( but no longer holds air for example ), and it was used daily in matches from say, 1975 up to 1992, it would feel like rubber- leather, or vinyl leather (either or ). Because vinyl rubber was not as elastic as rubber, it tends to stretch and deform under repeated heavy stress's ( like football matches ). These deformities would be very noticeable on a flat vinyl rubber ball ( usually on the white panels ). Vulcanized rubber football/soccer balls will not have these deformities, no matter how much it was used.

        yes, I'm still very interested in finding a few. I would offer you or anyone as much as $300USD for a vinyl rubber soccer ball that was heavily matched used in the 1970s & 1980s, and had deformities on every white panel ( only observable if ball is deflated ). Match used balls would also usually have boot/cleat scuffs,marks, small boot tears or rips to the outer cover, etc. I will attach a few pictures showing what I'm describing. These soccer balls are not easy to find, but some are still around. Good luck and I hope to hear back form you very soon.


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          Originally posted by Thomas_Britton View Post
          Now I think you can find it in the big sports shop.
          Maybe, but these particular soccer balls are not exactly easy to find today. I'm afraid to say, but most soccer balls get tossed out after a certain time. I'm hoping by making this thread, someone has or knows someone who has one ( even if it no longer holds air ). If someone had one, it would still have to be very malleable. If said ball is rigid, cracking, and flaking, it would be considered trash after all this time. I'd still like to hear from said person, if they had one, before they tossed it out first. I'm going to upload a few more images of one that was matched used in the 1970's and 1980s. This is the condition I want them in. I'm not looking for clean footballs, I want them used up as much as possible.The more they were used, the more they are worth to me.


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            If you can find a vinyl rubber football that is more used than this one, i would like to buy it off you ASAP!! Respond to this thread, or send me a PM.


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              If they are the same weight with rubber ball, then we’’re talking about two different things. I thought it’s the much lighter one. Still, i’’ll ask around and hit you up once i get some info

              edit: had several people advised me to check out this old ass sports equipment store. Haven’t checked it out but you just want a used one yeah? Not new one?


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                Yes, same weight and size as a standard rubber football/soccer ball, just constructed of the vinyl rubber composite.

                These balls went into production from 1965 up to 1982 ( give or take a year ). I can't speak for worldwide distribution, but I'd guess no longer than 1983. I have no idea why they stopped making them. They are extremely scarce, because they performed very well for a molded ball ( nearly as good as a stitched ball ), and were ideal for wet play, as they did not absorb water like the leather stitched balls did. Machine glued ball were hard, and in some cases, were not very durable ( exceptions were the Brine international 32 / Mikasa Play off / Mikasa KIck Off / Molten KICKER and other machine glued balls of similar heavy duty construction ). Anyways, they got used often, and tossed out for newer better footballs.

                Yes, only want them well used. I'd take them borderline trashed if one can be found were the PVC composite is still very malleable ( soft ). The two balls I have ( pictured ) would be considered rubbish by most people. Both footballs do not hold air, and are out of specification from years of being used. That Mikisa, for instance, is 73-74 cm with no air. Brand new, most size 5 footballs are between 64 and 67 cm before inflation.

                I appreciate any help you can provide me, in finding a few.

                :::For anyone wondering why I want them::::I'm a football collector, and have been since 1996. at this time, I'm only looking for these soccer balls!!


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                  i figured some schools probably have older sports equipment and i contacted some of my friends that teach in these schools. No luck so far. I’ll look into it some more


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                    Any luck finding a few? I'm still looking. There has got to be a few old footballs around, of the composite I'm looking for. If anyone has any ( even if the cover has been ripped at a seam), I will be very generous with how much a will pay for one.


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                      I'm still is another ball, thin carcass, match used.