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Looking for a whole house water filtration system

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  • Looking for a whole house water filtration system

    Hi everyone,

    Can anybody tell me where I can get a whole house water filtration system? There are a number of companies but I am not getting many responses. Would love to hear about good companies or a good system.


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    I suppose it is very unusual thing , can you tell us why you want that ?

    If you don't mind , I think some of us just filter the water we use to : drink and (maybe) cook . Probably most Indonesians drink bottled mineral water without further filtering . Now I filter the bottled mineral water for drinking , but do not filter it for cooking , but for many years I just did drink it without any further filtering (and didn't have any noticeable problem) .


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      I have just moved over here and my 5 month old is about to come over as well. I would like to have it so the whole house has drinkable water as he loves the bath/shower and tends to drink the water. There is no stopping him and I don't want to restrict him from those bath/shower activities because he just loves them! If I can filter/sterilise the water to the house, then he can do as he pleases without his mother and I worrying. Its worth the cost.


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