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  • Home Sparkling Water Maker / CO2 refill

    Finally a way to beat the crazy prices for sparkling water in Indonesia - Just do it yourself.

    PT Sodafresh is now selling the known home carbonation system and also does CO2 tank refills in Indonesia.
    Works out at 3300 Rp. per liter compared to 50.000 to 80.000 Rp. per liter of supermarket brands.
    And even when buying the first Rhapsody Set: You're already saving on the first 60L of sparkling water.

    Get one today and control the quality of the water that you drink.

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    For the foreigners not aware of the drink water consumed in Indonesia , be informed that , because the tap water is not for drink , instead mineral bottled water is commonly consumed . I personally buy a second choice brand for Rp15'000 (little more than USD1) per bottle of 19 liters , or less than Rp1'000 per liter (including delivery fee) . I guess the first choice brand cost around Rp18'000 per 19 liters .


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      More information on water conditions in Indonesia here - and
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        How do you refill the gas? Only via exchange through the website?


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          Refill is done by ordering through the website. Jakarta and Bali free pick up and delivery. Other, more remote locations: You send us the empty Sodafresh cylinder and we send you a foll one free of charge back. And if you already have a Sodastream machine then just buy a full cylinder and you can exchange that one next time. Sodastream does prohibit filing their tanks through the terms and conditions printed on their tanks. May or may not be valid in ID though.

          Use the promo code "Maret" to get the Home Soda Maker set for 999.000 Rp. = machine,bottle, CO2 cylinder - compared to 60L Equil for 2.000.000 Rp already a bargain.


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            Sodafresh CO2 cylinders fit into most home soda maker models of all brands - or we will refund your money 100%. Risk free - and if you don't have a machine then get one now. It's May!


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              Greetings Sparkling Water lovers - Sodafresh, the Home Soda Water Maker, is running a Promo for the users of "Liviningindonesia". Get the starter set for only 999.000 Rp by using the promo code JACK999. Why pay 2.000.000 for 60 liter of Equil or 3.000.000 for Perrier if you can make the same sparkling water at home with ease for 10% of the costs and be environmentally friendly. The Sodafresh CO2 tanks fit into most of the existing soda maker brands from outside of Indonesia, like Sodastream (R) or Mr. Butler (R). Go for it and get one now.


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                Greetings Sparkling Water lovers. Pantry Magic Kemang's great team has the Sodafresh Soda Maker in stock and also does the swap "empty for full". You can choose to visit the store (149.000 Rp) or use the delivery service through the website (199.000 Rp.) The Ramadan promotions have run out. Currently there are no promotions running.


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                  Greetings Sparkling Water Lovers, the NEW MODEL is now available in all partner stores. In addition to our trusted RHAPSODY Soda Maker you can now get the original iSoda DRINKMATE through Sodafresh. Carbonate just anything you like. White Wine? Sure. Orange Juice? Can lah! Any beverage. Be Creative - Save Money - Live Healthy.

                  380 ML Equil branded Sparkling Water = 16.500 Rp. vs. 380 ML Sodafresh = 1260 Rp.


                  Kemang - Pantry Magic

                  Mall Kota Kasablanka - Homeland

                  Mall Taman Anggrek - DeHome

                  Mall Lippo Karawaci - DeHome

                  Mall Senayan City - The Foodhall

                  Mall Pacific Place - The Energy


                  Pantry Magic

                  Canggu Shop


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                      Greetings, we are thinking about a good Ramadan promotion but not just the usual price reduction. Something that really creates more value. More like bundling or service or ... all suggestions welcome. Visit us at With now 2 models available we can do a lot more than just carbonating water - ALTHOUGH THAT'S ALREADY COOL and saves more than 90% compare to bottle or canned sparkling water. Have a great week.