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Where to buy home gym equipment?

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  • Where to buy home gym equipment?

    [FONT=arial]Hi everyone :-)

    When living in Bali, are there any opportunities to buy gym equipment anywhere?[/FONT][FONT=arial]
    [FONT=arial]Specifically we are looking for things like a squat/power-rack, kettle bells in various weights, two spinning bikes etc.

    It is merely a matter of equipment for private use - it's okay if it's used - but the condition of the equipment needs to be okay.


    Kind Regards,

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    You shouldn't have any problem finding it. I'm looking for a power rack myself with a set of barbells and an Olympic bar. But looking at the prices I might just get the power rack made.


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      Is it that expensive ?


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        If you shop at the mall, it's about twice as expensive as what you would find on Amazon.

        My research has been pretty limited so if you find something, please do share


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          You can go to a gym for locals and inquire where they get their equipment from. Some of them will get it wholesale from Java but some will have it locally made by specialized tukang besi. I found one this way and had him make a customized home gym. It cost me less and he used much better quality/thicker steel than the stuff you would find in a mall.
          Take my advice, I don't need it.


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            If you are looking for gym equipment in UK so try NordicTrack Voucher Code


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              did you try online shops?