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Any used piano avaialble for sale? (Grand, Upright)

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  • Any used piano avaialble for sale? (Grand, Upright)

    Hello, forum!

    I am looking to purchase a used grand or upright (acoustic) piano. Do you know any music shop that is trust-worthy in Jakarta? Or anyone (e.g. expats who are leaving the country and don't want to take their instrument with them, etc.) selling a good conditioned piano?

    Any information would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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    u can try at Petrof-Jl. Cideng, Tanah Abang, or at Kelapa gading


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      I have sent you a PM with the name and e-mail address of a friend who is moving back to the US in a couple of weeks and has a piano to sell.


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        If you know that it's not sold yet, could I have the contact info as well? Thanks!


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          Here's another upright piano for sale that is posted on the Upper Crust:

          [FONT=Times][SIZE=3]PIANO Kawai KU-2 upright, beautiful black, nice sound 18,000,000[/SIZE][/FONT]

          [FONT=Times][SIZE=3][FONT=Times]Rene 0815 7437 6520 [email protected][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]

          [FONT=Times][SIZE=3][FONT=Times]It looks to be in great condition & I think its still available. We bought some lamps from Rene. Nice person.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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            That's the same one.

            Rene is doing some travel in Indonesia over the next couple of weeks so may be hard to reach.


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              Originally posted by Puspawarna View Post
              That's the same one.
              I wondered about that when I posted the link, but thought, naaaa, the expat community here is not that small. Wrong again.


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                Just saw some information on pianos today so an update in case anyone comes by here later looking for info:
                There is a piano showroom called Petrof Piano Cideng, on Jl. Cideng Timur 52, Jakarta. Apparently they sell used pianos and claim to have over 100 in stock. There phone number is (021) 3860 0200 or 38900602
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                  I know of another expat family moving on and selling a grand piano (I think it is a grand piano). Anyway, personal message me here and I will get you the details.


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                    I have several used pianos starting from idr 15jt in Bandung.


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                      I seem to recall seeing pianos outside Giant, Poin square, Lebak Bulus.


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                        hey, i work in music instrument store. we have some classic grand piano here. but i dont exactly know about that piano, bcs i'm not in retail division. you can come and see.
                        here is the address:

                        Melodia Musik
                        Jl.Sultan Iskandar Muda No.15B
                        Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12240
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                          Looking for Grand Piano (used)

                          Hey, I am looking for a Grand Piano (used). Does anyone know about any expat moving out and want to sell?


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                            Hi Can you tell me what a Grand Piano would cost? At least the range of prices? I just moved to Jakarta recently. Thanks.