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Indonesian phones cant accept foreign SIM cards?

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  • Indonesian phones cant accept foreign SIM cards?


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    Unless the carrier is SIM locking the phones to only them, which I am not aware of any carrier here doing so, then there shouldn't be any problems. If the store is a factory direct location as some Samsung stores might be, then it is possible this is something that only they do. I have used different phones from smaller dealers and have never had a problem using them in another country.


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      Originally posted by Indramayuforeigner View Post
      ...So im wondering how can i get a phone here that will also work with a foreign SIM card in case im ever outside indonesia,...

      Be alerted that each cell phone's modem (receiver/transmitter) comes with a limited number of 3G/4G frequencies (the set of frequencies may differ even in different phone models of a single brand) .

      For example , although operators in Indonesia uses 4G frequencies of B3 (1'800MHz) , B5 (850Mhz) , B8 (900MHz) , B40 (2'300MHz) , .. , my phone came with only B1(not used in Indonesia) , B3 , and B41 (not used in Indonesia) , so I cannot use a SIM card from SmartFren and may be limited in some areas of the other Indonesian operators . Similarly , my phone may not work in some other countries or may work with some operators and not with others .

      Each country & each operator have own set of frequencies , so you will have to check the compatibility .
      For example , in Indonesia :
      Telkomsel : B3 , B8 , B40
      Indosat : B3 , B4 , B8
      XL : B3 , B8
      Tri : B3 , B4
      SmartFren : B5 , B40

      https://support.alwaysonlinewireless...Frequency-List (frequencies around world , but more than 2 years old list)
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        I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and my Australian SIM works fine on roaming. Hope that helps!


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          Originally posted by Indramayuforeigner
          (1) ... i checked the specs online ...

          (2) they seem to cover frequencies for most countries in the world, ...

          (3) i dont know why the store told me it wont work.. Samsung indonesia support and they also said it wont work in other countries...

          (4) i just need it to work in malaysia, Canada, and middle east, are these specs good?

          (1) I assume you checked in Indonesian websites , as manufacturers can change frequencies depending on each country .

          (2) I guess more expensive phones come with more frequencies (mine is the cheapest 4G I found and 5 years old model) .

          (3) I don't know (I didn't use mine's in other countries yet) .

          (4) I could not read what is in your photo (too small and when I amplified it the letters became unreadable) . Anyway , I will leave you to check .
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            If you are in a country that doesn't have the same 4G bands, chances are that you will have at least one of the 3G bands available in that country. Worse case you drop to GSM voice only. The phone you listed should be fine in most all of Asia for 4G based on the specs posted. 3G, while not optimal, is still very usable for most day to day tasks and certainly wouldn't be an issue for short term use.