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Where do you shop for computer products?

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  • Where do you shop for computer products?

    I need to buy a new hard drive. I know some place like Ratu Plaza and Ambassador. And I know manga 2 (although I only been there once). The shops at Ratu are selling above the market price. The traffic to Ambassador and Manga 2 are pretty bad during days. Does anyone know any other places for computer shops?

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    You may find it online .

    Online Shopping :


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      If you live in south Jakarta, Point Square sells computers, laptop and accessories. However, with the new construction of the MRT stadium traffic is crazy. Although, probably better than buying at Manga Dua.


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        Hi, I'm trying to buy something on an online shopping site like and get it delivered to my family who live in Jakarta. It's a present.

        Trouble is all of the shopping sites seem to be in Indonesian language with no option of a version in English.

        I tried using Chrome browser with Google Translate but it doesn't offer to translate eg or sites.

        Chrome is translating European language pages ok so I'm not sure why it's not working with Indonesian.

        I added Indonesian to the list of languages in the translate settings, but it's still not working?!

        Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks


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          As I use Firefox , I copy/paste to Google Translate .

          Computer/laptop is one of the easiest to buy because the websites use very few words in Indonesian and the related words are similar to English words , for example : komputer , baterai , spesifikasi , prosesor , sistem operasi , grafis , kamera ,..

          Note : I added to my post no.2 above .


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            Ok, good idea, keep it simple and copy / paste. That worked, thanks for the tip.


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              Just a small tip, I usually compare the price with enterkomputer[dot]com price list (their store is in mangga dua). They usually got the average fair (if not the best) price --at least I got a hardware's price reference for Indonesia (hardware price is usually higher here compared to international/US price). Just click "Harddisk" of "SSD" in the header and find the model you want. Search the model in Google to make sure that you picked the right model.