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We have moved the Expat Forum to a new server in late March. You'll notice some changes due to upgrades we've made in the vBulletin software.

If you have questions, please email me at [email protected].

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What Hosting companies are you guys using?

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    Currently we are colo our server with PT Solnet for our Indonesia and world offices to access. We really love the speed and reliability.

    From what we have been told, PT Solnet has 3 International providers on their BGP mix and direct peering with IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange)

    I have tried to ping our server from Singapore and the latency was 4ms and from US office (San Jose) it was 190ms ... I was like wow


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      may you can try
      they got 24 hours customer service ...
      right now CBN expand with new services like Cloud.


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        I am using Linode cloud server for my ecommerce store and as I am a non technical guy. It came real tough for me to install and manage the Linode server all by my own. So, for this very reason I decided to go with Cloudways as they provide managed linode cloud hosting server taking away all the pain of hosting and managing the server providing you with the ultimate cloud hosting experience.
        Deploy Linode server on the powerful managed Linode hosting by Cloudways. Affordable Linode pricing and its superfast cloud servers are best for your business.