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  • TollFree numbers in Indonesia - Bebas Pulsa


    Im trying to call this toll-free number 001-803-011-3787 from Lombok and its just not working...

    Apparently toll-free numbers are only supported from Indosat landlines, is this true? Is there someone who can confirm, then I just need to locate one in the area....

    Any workarounds (perhaps, different prefix) to make it work from XL?


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    I asked basically the same question in an earlier thread and got zero replies, so from that, i suspect no one has any advice on making toll free calls from Indonesia. My best advice is to use Skype and pay the pennies the call will cost.


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      From Jakarta its reported to work, strange. yeah, thought about using skype but unfortuanly my internet is just not clean enough...


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        There are 2 types of toll-free's in indonesia

        - 0800 incountry toll-free (ie, connects to indonesian number) - no worries.
        - 001.803 international toll-free (ie, connects to an overseas number) and doesnt work for me.

        You can change the 001 prefix for 007 or 008 and see if thats works from landline/mobile/public phone...

        Let me know....
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          Webex conference number works fine 0078030114103 from a landline :S


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            Sorry for bumping the thread. But as far I know free calling on a Custom toll free number is allowed only when you call from a landline. otherwise it charge you by local call rates.


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              I guess the 001-80x the people tried to call is in fact an international call to a US toll free number (so: 00 international, 1 for US, 800 for toll free)? In many countries the 1-800 numbers from the US don't work, just like the 0800/0900 to The Netherlands or Belgium.

              For the US, often replacing the 1-800 with 1-880 does work, even when that system was officially abolished many years ago. The company offering the toll free number should provide you with an international one (as do Expedia, CitiBank, and many others).
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