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3G/GPRS on Telkomsel SIMPati

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  • 3G/GPRS on Telkomsel SIMPati


    Newbie here working in Medan at the moment. I was wondering if anyone knew how to setup data on Telkomsel SIMPati connected phone? I've got a Nokia E63 which does push email and can browse the web, but at the moment this only works if I'm in wifi range.

    I've noticed there's something called "Flash" on Telkomsel's site which I think is for data usage, so I txted 3636 with "Flash" and got a txt back saying data was now enabled on my phone. However, it doesn't seem to be!

    Anyone know how to get it to work?


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    Oops! Just realised there's a Telecommunications and related technology forum! Can a mod please move this post there.



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      Just to close this one. I popped into the Telkomsel center in Sun Plaza this afternoon and, as a bulé, seemed to be (as usual) the centre of attention with people falling over themselves to help me. They sorted everything out and got it all working within a few minutes. And it didn't cost a thing

      So I now have Nokia messaging (push email) on my Yahoo mail account working perfectly