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Mobile Payments / Mobile Wallet in Indonesia

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  • Mobile Payments / Mobile Wallet in Indonesia

    Has anyone used mobile payments in Indonesia? (Doku/ipaymu/fortuma/ecash/boku/coda/monitise/other?)
    Any thoughts on using it/not using?

    Would appreciate any feedback!

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    I researched this for a consulting company 4 years ago. Execs at supermarkets said it didn't really save shoppers that much time, and it was an awkward/unnecessary addition to their corporate data processing. It seems that Indonesians who lived in Japan and Korea were asking for it and banks were trying to offer it.

    Basically, there are two systems: the m-wallet has a max of around Rp 1 jt "load" (due to AML regulations) and can be used to pay for goods at supermarkets which are equipped with the hardware and software. There is a simple SMS verification/PIN process.

    The other system is basically using your HP for online banking, with stricter security provided by the bank.

    The biggest problem according to BI officials whom I interviewed was a kind of "balkanization" of the mobile money option in Indonesia -- one mobile network operator (MNO) or bank's wallet was not compatible with retailers who gave an "exclusive" to a competing wallet. This is in sharp contrast to Japan and Korea where there is much easier transfer between competing MNOs -- there you can even give pulsa to someone who uses a different MNO/provider.


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      Really? it is good news for us. we don't need to bring a lot of cards in wallet, we can easy use mobile wallet, will be easier for us.


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        Joyce, just go to your bank's web site and read about their facility. All major commercial banks have it (because they can afford to invest in the necessary software, including security features). However, "easy use" assumes that lots of stores enable it. Not many do, and most of the "mobile" payments are actually online banking that you could do from your desktop the same way.

        There are also strong limitations on the amount you can maintain in a mobile wallet (usually 1 jt or less) due to money laundering fears as well as security concerns when the m-wallet has a simple SMS verification system at Point of Sale (POS).

        One advantage, though, is that discount cards could all be programmed into the mobile device so you don't have to fish around your purse or wallet to find them. That would save a noticeable amount of time for most people.


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          Not yet.

          Life is Good


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            Ever heard of Bango ?


            It's pretty big in North America, It's a plateform that bills via an API straight over to the Telecoms. Might be interesting if it suits your needs. It's a major partner for most of Manufacturer's billing app stores.