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What is the fastest internet connection i can get in Bandung?

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  • What is the fastest internet connection i can get in Bandung?


    Im new In Indonesia in Bandung, Im currently living in a dorm, but Im looking over to change the place?

    The Internet im having is really slow

    Im looking for a fast connection so I can contact my family using skype and upload videos and Pictures.

    I will really appreciate helping me with this.


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    Actually every one who has ever tried the internet connection of eny other countries oftenly says that the internet connection in Indonesia is not really fast although for me it's quite fast since I have never tried any other county's net connection. But I have some suggestions for you to try. If you live in downtown, the connection will be way easier to get with any provider. You can use "Smart" provider for fast connection but you need the unlimited one. If the signal is not good enough for you, you can just your modem to some place that is capable to make the signal gets better, put your modem inside a pan from alumunium to hook up the signal. Lol. Sounds a bit silly, but it works. Maybe because of the Eid Mubarak lately, the connection gets too crowded. Or if you have a telephone connection, you can register to have tha "Speedy" access. I think It'll be better. Hope this is helpfull for you. Good luck!


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      Yeah Thanx thats help a little bit,

      But im not sure about the USB modem if they will be really fast? like what the speed i will get?

      is there is any fix line or Wimax connection ?


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        It is fast enough for me to be honest. I'm not really sure about the speed, I'm not using it right now but you can find out by asking the official functionary of the provider. But, again, the speed of the connection depends on the signal. You can even test the connection if you come to the provider center. for "Smart" provider that I said above, you can call 08811223344. For "Speedy" (I'm using it right now, the speed is about 384 kb/s to 10 Mb/s. is this fast enough for you?) the product of Telkom that requires you to have the telephone connection, open this to get to know further info or call 147 for further info from the CSO. I only can suggest these two providers since from all I have tried these two are the fastest for me. Good luck


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          Unfortunately the internet here is extremely slow. I am using Smart, have a good connection signal and to be honest (for me) it is barely usable. The speed is rarely above 180k, it drops down a lot of the time (every few minutes) so pages take a long time to load. Skype is sometimes ok to use, but often the speed drops so low that it freezes. Making calls without video is usually ok though... Watching streaming videos or using sites with heavy content is just not possible, it takes too long to do anything.

          It seems if you are willing to pay a heavy premium, reasonable internet can be had...but $200 (fastnet) a month for 20mb is extremely expensive.
          I know people here say their internet is ok, because that is what they are used too... and I know I shouldn't compare...but in England I can get a package like this - 100mb internet (true 100mb), 160 channel cable tv with 500gb TIVO and telephone with free unlimited calls on an evening and weekend for $100...
          Just want fast internet, 50mb connection is is $45 a month and it is a true 50mb connection.

          If anyone knows an affordable solution here, I would really love to know???

          I guess the only good thing is, i'm using the internet less and less everyday, because it is a waste of time
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            Originally posted by ihoward View Post
            I guess the only good thing is, i'm using the internet less and less everyday, because it is a waste of time
            not even for news updates?
            to do more good things in this short time of life


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              Originally posted by i-Rish View Post
              not even for news updates?
              I usually use BBC website for news, it loads ok but the android app is a lot quicker than the web page

              The biggest problem for me is Skype, I like to talk with family that are in Brazil and England, and also friends in Germany and is quite difficult now with the poor connection speeds.
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                I ran a little test this evening to see how long it would take to buffer a video, the video was 110mb and took 1 hour 26 minutes to fully load. I was doing nothing else on the internet or the computer at the time. Nowhere near the 'upto 3.1Mbps' as advertised by Smart.


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                  some of the fastest Internet in Bandung

                  I know this might be outdated, but oh well.. it wont hurt giving a bit of contribution to the thread...

                  As a person who's been living in Bandung all my life, I would not recommend using any mobile broadband internet in Bandung, it's highly unreliable!

                  For steady, decent connection I'd suggest using fixed / cable broadband such as melsa, it offers 1 MB speed for $70 a month ( or if your in luck you could try max3 that offers Indonesia's fastest internet speed of up to 20Mb for less than $100, see if you are within the coverage area by visiting