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Code to call International numbers cheap on XL?

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  • Code to call International numbers cheap on XL?

    Hey does anyone know what the code is? If there is one? if not which network would you suggest for cheapest calls?


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    01000 I believe for pro xl this uses VoIP technology. I use Telkomsel and their standard International code is 007 however they also have 01017 again using VoIP, the clarity of the calls using VoIP is not always good.
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      • #4 this still accurate?? So I dial the code and then country code and then number? I'm a little retarded with this stuff. I need to call home to the US and skype is giving me problems. Thanks guys!


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          When I was here in 2009, I used SIMpaty (Telkomsel) and had very good experiences with the 01017 number. It was just where aaa is US area code and nnn.nnnn is phone number. Now I use Indosat, and I do not know their VOIP access number :-( . But Skype works reasonably well in Jkt.
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            Yes it is, take the 0 off the home number. So 01017 then country code, 1 for US I believe, then the home number minus the 0. This is if you use Telkomsel the numbers for the other networks are here.

            I have had issues using 01017 in the last few weeks, but others are having no problem.


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              I use xl and the code is 01000 but the connection is bad. Sometimes it's not clear. I ever tried 3 before, and it's even worse.
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                Ok...that worked!! Awesome...I can call home more now. Skype is just not dependable here in Indo in my experience. Thanks for the help


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                  I have been using Skype with my parentsfor a while. It used to be pretty bad (sometimes bad pictures, choppy videos, dropped connection) but that was when my dad used Speedy 768Kb. We upgraded to FastNet 6MB (and using Speedy 2MB as a backup), quality moved up significantly. Maybe only 10% drop call rate. I suggest buying a nice headphone/mic set reduces your need to yell and cuts out all the ambient noise.

                  With Speedy 2MB it should be fine...especially if you're just using the audio.

                  I'm in PDX, parents in JKT.