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  • Visa Requirements to Teach

    Hi all,

    I was reading the thread about legal requirements for teachers in Indonesia. My qualifications: Unrelated BA, PGCE, MA TESOL. I read on this forum that the requirements are:

    -BA in the subject you want to teach
    -5 years’ experience
    -Teaching license

    I have a teaching license (PGCE) from the UK (in teaching Spanish and French), and over 5 years’ experience teaching English; however, my post-pgce experience is only 3 years and post MA only 4 years’. Would this be a problem? I am considering staying in my current job one more year then going to Indonesia, so in theory the post MA TESOL experience would be 5 years.

    Also, my BA is unrelated to EFL and it’s from the Open University (a distance learning university, but a very reputable one). Does anyone know if I would be ok in the sense that instead of the BA in the subject I have an MA in Teaching English to speakers of other languages? I just wonder would my unrelated and online BA be a problem in being granted a visa or would the MA would ‘trump’ the BA so to speak.

    My girlfriend is from Jakarta so I am looking to find a secondary school job there but would like to know if there will be a visa problem as if so, it’s a waste of my time applying for jobs there!

    Thanks a lot!

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    Sorry , I don't have an answer for your specific situation . See below the general rules and some examples in the links .


    PerMen no.10 , year 2018
    Article 5
    Every foreign worker is obliged to :
    a. have education degree that is compatible with the work to be done;
    b. have a competency certificate or have at least 5 (five) years of work experience related to the work to be done;
    c. transfer his/her work expertise to the designated Indonesian work colleague;
    d. have an Indonesian Tax Registration Number if to work more than 6 (six) months; and
    e. have a Work Visa/Stay Permit issued by the Indonesian Immigration.

    PerMen no.16 , year 2015
    Article 41
    (1) A employer is prohibited from hiring a foreign worker in more than 1 (one) position in the company;
    (2) A employer is prohibited from hiring a foreign worker who is already employed by other employer .

    UU no.13 , year 2003
    ARTICLE 42
    (1) Every employer that employs foreign worker is under an obligation to obtain written permission from Minister (Work Permit) .
    (2) An employer who is an individual person is prohibited from employing foreign worker .

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...=1524892877936 (about the 5 years experience , ..)

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...r-new-teachers (requirements for teaching)
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