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Being an IELTS Examiner in Indonesia

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  • Being an IELTS Examiner in Indonesia

    Does anyone have experience with this? Obviously the British Council would be the first place that comes to mind to do this. After quickly doing some research it seems that IDP (another major IELTS provider) is also present in Indonesia. Are there any other companies/organizations that offer the test in Indonesia? Is anyone here an IELTS examiner, what is the experience like in Indonesia? Do you have to travel often to other cities to administer the exams? Is it possible to become an examiner in another country first and then move to Indonesia or would it be required to become an examiner with the local BC or IDP first? Thanks for any info.

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    Also IALF is looking for examiners ... see
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      BC, IDP & IALF are the three organisations which administer the tests in Indonesia. All three conduct the tests in cities across Indonesia so there are opportunities to travel although it's certainly not mandatory. Yes, you could become an examiner in another country first and then transfer centres when/if you move to Indonesia. It's also possible to examine for more than one centre although I get the feeling that test centres don't really like "sharing" their examiners.

      It's not a badly paid part-time job, but now the examiners no longer mark the writing, it's not as lucrative as it used to be; your mileage may vary depending which organisation/s you work for and whereabouts in Indonesia you are based.
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