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Any truth on new Law concerning teacher expat come December 2014?

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    Originally posted by travellingchez View Post
    SPK stands for Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama - This means that your school must be in some sort of cooperation with a school outside the country.

    The school I work for has been big on the "sister school" thing ever since I've been there. They have two study tours abroad every school year (one is happening right now) and have "friendship agreements" or whatever they may be called, with an international school in Kunming, a school in Australia, etc. I'm guessing there are now specific requirements for these associations or cooperation agreements that have to be met.
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      Anybody got any new news?
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        I'm sure they will let you know in March whatever took effect in December. The usual.
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          The news in major English newspaper last Dec 1 are more vague as expected but it "cleared" one major point as per the Education minister is concern... "no complaint, no revision" needed.

          and basing:

          International standard school are unconstitutional since it give unequal access so they now deemed Intl school for expats only as Indonesian are barred to enroll on this school - and that is equal access!

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            Thanks for the interesting thread!

            @Tudor: As far as I've seen, we foreigners haven't ever been welcomed by Labor...

            @Saigon: That makes sense - by excluding WNI, it gives a way for International Schools to continue to operate. On the other hand, it encourages all other schools to...well...Do SOMETHING, given the 2013 curriculum (which is a big step in the right direction). Too bad "pusat" isn't providing the teachers with enough support on how to actually USE the curriculum and TEACH correctly.

            @Jimmie James: "(Language and tutoring schools are considered informal)" Given that WNA on spousal visas who don't have an IMTA are only allowed to work informally, how does that tie in with your statement?

            On another note, I'd received an anonymous warning that one or more agencies are watching me to see if I'll slip up so they can catch me working illegally. I went to DisNaKerTrans, which was a waste of time, and also DepDikNas.

            I spoke to Mr. Takdir and two of his associates, who I believe are all mid-level employees/heads of departments.

            After explaining my situation, mentioning relevant clauses from UU13/2005 and UU6/2011 plus PP13/2014 for UU6, I asked them their opinion on what would be safe for me.

            They felt that if I were to work on a freelance, non-contract, non-scheduled, informal basis, that would be okay, but they stipulated that since I lack any sort of teaching degree or certificate, and have no relevant certificates for the areas I usually am invited for, that it would be illegal for me to be paid with money the school got from the government unless I could provide the required certificates (which, as I said, I don't have). Otherwise, if the money is from a private source, that requirement is not a problem so I can accept work.

            FTWDK, DepDikNas apparently has no authority over teachers in university, which is overseen by DikTi, and DikTi can issue a statement saying your less-than-bachelor's degree is the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in Indonesia.

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