Are you set up for voting from here in the US Nov, 2020 elections??  If not, or if you have questions, we can and will help.?  We're non-partisan and we've been helping Americans vote from Indonesia since 2002.?  Since there is NO AIRMAIL from here to the US, you need to act ASAP.?  And, as you know, voting is SO IMPORTANT THIS YEAR!? 

Easiest place to start is at?
tho will get you there too.?  Note this is a volunteer-run (myself and 4 others in Ubud, Bali) non-profit (actually negative-profit) operation and there are no strings, no ads, we guard your details confidential, and we have a free email sign-up list.
And yes we do provide individual assistance -- you can use the Contact form on the website or PM me.

So I urge you to please VOTE, and best to do it NOW.