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Climate Change Could Spark Global Systemic Crisis

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  • Climate Change Could Spark Global Systemic Crisis

    From , 09 Feb 2020
    Title : Climate change could spark 'global systemic crisis', scientists warn
    Reuters , by Laurie Goering

    [A failure to get to grips with climate change and associated problems, from ecosystem collapse to worsening water and food shortages, is the most severe and probable threat facing humanity, ...

    The survey of 222 scientists from more than 50 countries echoes the top worries of economic and business leaders in a risk perceptions report issued last month ...

    The new survey also examined how social and political trends (such as disinformation campaigns and the rise of populist authoritarian governments) could make efforts to tackle key global challenges more difficult .. a new crop of populist world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, tend to look for simple answers, the report noted .. positive sign is Britain's commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 .. European Union is now talking about its own "Green Deal" ...

    The world is currently on track to see average temperatures rise more than 3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times this century, a level scientists say would be catastrophic.

    "Our actions in the next decade will determine our collective future on Earth" , said Amy Luers , executive director of Future Earth .]
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    Btw we are going to have a roadshow in FX Sudirman and say loud about Climate Change at 7 am. @jedauntukiklim