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22 Million Indonesians Go Hungry

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  • 22 Million Indonesians Go Hungry

    From , Nov 2019
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Awaiting a morsel of hope, 22 million Indonesians go hungry
    By : Markus Makur, Jon Afrizal and Made Anthony Iswara

    [... "Three times a day I eat [only] rice. I eat corn, sweet potato or vegetables only during harvest seasons. Or fish if I am fortunate enough to have enough money to buy it", said Valeria, 62 y.o., who survives on money from her children, aside from occasional cocoa harvest revenue that amounts to around Rp 1.25 million (US$88.87) per year. Nearby, Tobias Akut, 65 y.o., ... , his wife and nine children sometimes get handouts of rice from neighbors and family members, otherwise they eat cassava or corn stockpiled from their previous year's harvest... 8 y.o. Amat .., was recently taken to a Hospital in Jambi city, suffering from malnutrition. At 9 kg, Amat's weight is equivalent to an average healthy 1 y.o. baby. His bones are clearly visible through his skin.
    Valeria, Tobias and Amat represent the 22 million people in Indonesia enduring hunger from 2016 to 2018 ... according to a new report published by the Asian Development Bank, International Food Policy Research Institute and the National Planning Agency .

    As many as 25 million Indonesians are classified as poor, living on less than Rp 425,250 per person per month, according to Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data in March. That means they get by on $1 per day, well below the global poverty line benchmark of $1.90 per person per day. Around 59 % of children under 5 years old in Indonesia are not developing properly because of stunting, wasting or obesity, according to UNICEF report ...]
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