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Young Adult Indonesians Still Dependent

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  • Young Adult Indonesians Still Dependent

    From , 02 Aug 2019
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Young adulthood blues in Indonesia: Graduating universities and still dependent on parents
    By : Gemma Holliani Cahya

    [... A global survey published by bank HSBC in 2017 reveals that Indonesia is the country with the 2nd largest number of parents still helping their adult children financially on a regular basis, with 77 % of parents supporting children aged 18 or above...

    According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), there are about 43 million people aged 20 to 29 in Indonesia, accounting for some 16 percent of the country's population of 267 million. In February, about 3.5 million of them were unemployed.

    BPS recorded in March that the average salary of 20-to-24-year-olds was around Rp 2.2 million (US$159), only slightly above per-capita monthly spending in Jakarta, which is about Rp 2 million.

    Institute for Development of Economics and Finance economist Bhima Yudhistira Adhinegar said that, even if they had jobs, young adults today earned less than the previous generations, making it hard for them to sustain a city lifestyle ... ]
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