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Ahok jailed - Indonesia, quo vadis?

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    sorry to hear that, but i think there`s a big dealing behind this issues

    ۩ as homy living in Yogyakarta


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      What I feel regarding this issue is indonesians are drama queens. Meaning.... they amplify the something small like this into bigger than it is. Additionally,
      most indonesian muslims do not know the verse from the holy book until Mr Ahok mentioned it. So they are not aware of it. Ironic really.....

      The longer I live in Jakarta, the more I feel that indonesians are self centered people. I mean almost everybody feels they have a better religion than the others.
      This include all religions including islam, catholic, protestants, buddha. There is no respect for each other. Everybody is trying to be the "preacher" and
      judge each other. If they respect each other and have a good understanding of a religion. That riot in November wouldn't have happened.
      Everybody has their own belief and just respect it. If somebody has a false assumption of another religion, then maybe they can meet and teach each other.

      If Indonesians from different ethnics and religions could have a mutual understanding of each other, the country would be bigger and better than any country
      in south east asia.