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1 December Hari Nasional West Papua Melanesia

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  • 1 December Hari Nasional West Papua Melanesia

    Dear Participants,

    As we could never have expected, our RI neighbours have finally seen the light. All it took was 54 years and a couple of generations. With regard to the First of December Hari Nasional of West Papua Melanesia, we're happy to share below newslink with you all:

    Everyone from A till A (Atjeh till Ambon), wherever residing is cordially invited for the Hoist of the beautifull Morningstar flag!

    For those who seek education on RI's new rewritten history on the victory in Irian Barat, please see below earlier posts in a started factfinding member topic, waiting for closure with remained unanswered questions:


    We wish you all a joyfull celebration!

    Setia Djudjur Mesra

    For a classic movie of our experience with Indonesia, please see link: