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    With a great and complex geographical area, indonesia infrastructure development is indeed a challenge for every government era. The list of infrastructure needs has recently increased due to the economic and social demands. Unfortunately, any project, including infrastructure project, can be quite political. The complex political and economic situation leads to a big conclusion where Indonesia needs a catalyst to speed the infrastructure development especially in remote areas. There are some reasons to be considered.

    A really long list
    The first and the main reason why Indonesia needs a catalyst to speed the infrastructure development is of course a very long list of infrastructure projects in numerous sectors. The long list has recently been divided into two big categories: the ready-to-offer list and the prospective project list. Only from the ready-to-offer list, Indonesia currently needs several transportation and water and sanitation projects. The project in the first category covers several projects that are located in different areas in Indonesia, including the transportation project in around the heart of Indonesia central government and several projects in remote areas. Meanwhile the water and sanitation projects cover several area in Java and Sumatra.
    The prospective projects even come in greater number than the ready-to-offer project. The list covers transportation, water and sanitation, toll and bridge, and electricity power sectors. 90% of the prospective projects need to be started as soon as possible due to the demand, especially the power and water supply sectors which are located in remote area. With this really long list, the government needs to work much faster than the prediction. At the same time, financial and political problems seem to always be part of the projects thus, indonesia infrastructure development needs a great catalyst.

    Infrastructure equals to big money
    Just like the other developing countries, Indonesia seems to face a serious financial problem. The fluctuation of Indonesian currency and the economic stability always affects the infrastructure development. Let's be aware. Only from the first category of the list, the ready to offer projects, the government needs at least 6,413 million USD. It is a great number indeed. In fact, as a developing country, it is still difficult for Indonesia to execute the projects alone. A great financial catalyst is needed. Although it is risky.
    The government should really pay attention on the financial problem. It is like a coin that has two different sides. In one side, the infrastructure needs to be developed to support domestic economic development that would also affect the whole country economic stability. In the other side, indonesia infrastructure development also needs economic stability to support the development.

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    so whats new here ?


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        It's a not very subtle attempt to get their company link out there
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          However, can't wait for the MRTs and LRTs to operate.
          It's about time!