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American woman drugged in Bali bar

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  • American woman drugged in Bali bar

    An American woman living in Bali has warned women to watch their drinks after being slipped what she believes was a monster Rohypnol dose in a bar at the island paradise.

    Mara Wolford said she went to the bar for a drink on July 4 with two friends and ordered mojitos.

    "I leave the drink on the bar and go to the bathroom," she posted to Facebook.

    "All of these acts – ordering mixed drinks, not watching them being made and leaving a drink unattended – are fatal errors in Bali, but this evening, I wasn't too concerned.

    "Half-way through the second ... Rohypnol kicked in with fury. I knew what it was because this happened three years ago and it was terrifying. From the speed in which this was happening, it felt like multiple doses." ctd … -awareness