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Condoms for Bali HIV group confiscated in Bali

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    Originally posted by Yingyang View Post
    if Mrs. Gates declared those 720 condoms are for personal use (to avoid both rules above)
    Is there any indication that she did this? It was stupid of her (not to mention a lie), if so.


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      Originally posted by Puspawarna View Post
      Is there any indication that she did this? It was stupid of her (not to mention a lie), if so.
      Well, I don't know because I wasn't there.

      Hypothetical Indications : (If I am Mrs. Gates, not knowing there is an import restriction on condoms)
      1st : she could have said that in panic. And knowing first hand how customs works when they find something out of line - they have like a summoning button thingy, that summons all customs officers in the area and starts interrogating you - I have said something stupid like that before.
      2nd : Tips on how to not pay import duty on many website : Declare your items as personal usage.
      Panic + the first thing that pops out in your head = disaster

      One thing I know for sure : If customs find something under import restrictions, they will confiscate that item. You can't "grease" them cheap and if it went into their report to their office, it's trial time.
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        I saved every condom I used in 2015, I had all 365 of them washed, melted down, and turned into a tyre - it was a Goodyear


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          nice share sir


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            Does this strike almost anyone as almost being staged to get a reaction?

            Condoms are cheap, available, and definitely sold in bulk in Indonesia. Carrying boxes through customs sounds stupid and a waste of money. The money could just as easily purchased the same condoms in Indonesia, probably cheaper than from a first world economy.

            The purpose of this appears to be to get attention. That is not a bad thing for condom use and sexually transmitted diseases, but a spade is a spade. She self reported the confiscation to the media. The condoms openly brought into the country with the intention to leave them, without paying taxes and local business not profiting. No government likes that. I believe the wording on a customs declaration form is more that $X worth of items that you don't plan to take with you when you leave Indonesia. She admits she wasn't leaving with 720 condoms.
            She and the organization that she is the director of are getting a lot more attention and possibly a few donations. I would guess more than the cost of 720 condoms.

            Does anyone know the brand or packaging of the condoms? While most are innocuous, I have had more that a few that have had some pretty salacious things on the packaging.
            Is the wording "ribbed for her pleasure" considered pornographic by Indonesian standards?