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Cruise cancels Bali stopover due to security conce

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  • Cruise cancels Bali stopover due to security conce

    On Sunday, Celebrity Cruises announced that its Celebrity Solstice ship would be skipping its port of call Monday in Bali due to an increased threat of possible terrorist attacks in Indonesia.

    According to Louise Goldsbury of, Celebrity Cruises sent out a letter to passengers from Captain Yannis Berdos saying that the company had been monitoring the situation since leaving Western Australia, and they had made the decision to skip Bali.

    Instead of docking in Bali, the Celebrity Solstice arrived early in Darwin, Australia, where the ship was originally supposed to dock on March 10. Passengers who had booked tours in Bali will receive a refund from Celebrity Cruises, according to the cruise line.

    The cruise company has been keeping tabs on security concerns in Bali, and Celebrity Cruises listened to officials from Australia and the United Kingdom regarding potential terrorist attacks that could place in Indonesia.

    Captain Berdos released a statement, obtained by, saying, “The most recent information in the past few days indicate that the possibility of an incident in Bali has increased. Also, the Balinese New Year is March 9 and recent past advisories have named this date as one that could be targeted by terrorists. We will continue to monitor the security situation in Indonesia and will notify guests or their travel agents if there are changes to future sailings that visit Bali.”

    Celebrity Solstice cancels stop in Bali due to security concerns | Fox News

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    Be careful crossing the road as well - you could get hit by a truck.


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      I was about to list all the recent terrorism attacks in Australia but the list is pretty big so I'll just post the wiki link

      Then there's the attacks in the UK & USA to consider. I think Indonesia is getting a rough deal here.


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        What total bollocks
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          If they receive any info of a possible attack, no matter how remote, they have to respond as otherwise they will lose their shirt if it comes off.
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