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    Australian Government warns of 'advanced stage' attack plans in Indonesia

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    The updated travel advice on the Department of Foreign Affairs' website smartraveller came as Justice Minister Michael Keenan met Jakarta police chief Tito Karnavian to discuss the recent Jakarta attacks and Australia's ongoing efforts with Indonesia to combat terrorism in the region.
    Mr Keenan said it was likely there would be more attacks in South-east Asia as violent extremists sought to inspire young people to take up their cause.


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    I also got a warning from the British Government advice line yesterday, about increased threat of terrorist attack.

    Something is brewing.
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      Nothing from the US Government. Nothing is listed on their traveling warning/alert page.

      Thanks for the update though.
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        A genuine question, compared to other countries in the world and South East Asia. How safe is Indonesia ranked?
        I mean isn't Brazil, Mexico, some parts of US are more dangerous than here? and South Thailand is practically Aceh in the 80's ... or am I mistaken, and I can expect to more safe aboard than here
        - yes, I don't travel -

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          @ Jim69 : I agree. The Canadian Government also sent out an email yesterday, warning everyone to exercise a high degree of caution due to the continuing threat of terrorism in the region.
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            thanks for sharing, that's will help my travelling plan.