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    I already told you, their is multiple different different organization that rule different product.
    Another example: construction/building are rule by the CNB (code national du batiment - forgot the english version). Those rules are supervise by city inspector for new construction and court for sue.
    Canadian food inspection agency deal with food - production, importation, restaurant, etc. They have inspector who ensure "everyone" follow the rule * definitively they can't inspect EVERYONE. Their is some concern as their is not enough inspector.
    CSA more with appliance and manufactured product. Most of every component of a house will need to be CSA approved (including the toilet).
    Helm with DOT
    Vehicul with ministry of transport

    Etc etc etc

    Never heard of north american or european complaining about thing being too much regulated in their country?
    EVERYTHING is regulated.
    Absolutely EVERYTHING!

    Regulated and taxed!
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      Do you have a particular item or category of items in mind for a particular market from a particular country?

      You seem to have a specific question without really asking it.

      I'm kinda dreading getting my PT PMA branch up to ISO 9001 then to TS 16949. The paperwork... oh-mi-gaw!
      (I'm in a TS 16949 company.)