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    I saw this headline on the local news last night but was unable to follow the details.

    The English-speaking press have today reported what the latest ruling from the S Jakarta District means for the defendant (who was all smiles last night), the KPK and the fight against KKN in RI.

    Not only does the latest ruling free the defendant, it impacts all future potential cases plus opens up the route for those already convicted to launch appeals.

    I can't imagine a worse outcome for the country and I also cannot beginnto forsee where this country is heading.

    Can anyone see a silver lining ?

    And is the President even aware of what is going on and what he can do to support the KPK, or is he totally focused on the forthcoming marriage of his son.

    The comments today from the HofR deputy speaker (from the much respected PKS) just rubs salt in the wound; who the heck elect these clowns ?

    SBY's tenure is starting to look like some mythical, age of enlightment, only a matter of 6-7 months into Pak Joko's disastrous turn at the wheel.
    Vengeance is mine; I will repay.

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    The only silver lining might be the appointment of the (ladies-only) committee from different areas of society that will look into the new KPK leadership (to avoid the current situation of dragging up 10 year old cases to discredit them).

    I believe you talk about the trend of KPK suspects appealing to their status of suspects. Like Purnomo in the BCA case. It all started with perhaps the most corrupt person in the country, Budi Gunawan and the very dubious role of judge Sarpin of course, followed by judge Yuningtias who found the investigation into Sirajuddin (former mayor Makassar) not completely kosher. Of course it is very iffy to reject something based on the copies offered when original documents are available.

    Anyway, all very sad.[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][/FONT][/COLOR]
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