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    Originally posted by SMALLWORLD View Post
    I think some of us (expats) have previous experience working in EU, Australia, Canada, USA and now we are working here in Indonesia. If you could compare the productivity of people in the regions I mentioned before with Indonesian people working here in Indonesia in your own opinion where is higher productivity here in Indonesia or EU?

    I have noticed that productivity is much better - higher in UK than Indonesia. In UK people are better organized, the tools/machines they use are better then tools/machines used here, always investing in equipment and in people, there are procedures deployed and workers follow them.
    People often confuse terms efficient worker and hard worker.

    However I fully agree with this sentence:

    "I think you should go back to doing what I call real business - producing goods, providing services, trading - not just moving figures in bank books, which is what you are doing."
    Seems you already expressed all my original thoughts for me, thanks.


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      Originally posted by londo_edan View Post
      Some of us from the W aren't too enamoured with the Governments back home either.

      There is an election in the UK next week and I hope for a change, hopefully some sort of Left / Centre coalition would be great with me.

      One 'fact' published last week was that whilst the UK has been going through 5 pretty tough years of austerity, the top 100 fat cats have doubled their wealth in the last 10 years.

      So there are problems, injustices and inequality in all of the W, BUT they still offer a preferable societal and democratic model to the much trumpeted East IMHO.

      At the moment, there is hardly a single nation in ASEAN that seems to be going in the right direction
      This is exactly my point. A portion of society may want a high taxing, welfare based leftist government and they will eventually have their turn under a model where the people are allowed to vote for change and open discourse is allowed. If this model of government doesn't work then it will swing back to a more economic rationalist style. IMHO the middle path is the best option, however the nature if the system is that the preferred option of the voters swings around the center at any given time. Some countries are culturally and historically more prone to one end than another. The western model allows such diversity but core features of successful countries are separation between the state and the legal system, separation between state and religion, a level of social support to societies weakest, and a population with sufficient freedom and education to consider and implement change to their society.

      You can argue about media control in the west and how it controls the system, influence of business on government and so on, these are valid points but in a system where the government ignores the will of the people and the police oppress the population there cannot be change.


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        Originally posted by akubrahat View Post
        ... in a system where the government ignores the will of the people and the police oppress the population there cannot be change.
        Are you thinking of places such as Baltimore?


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          Would you rather live in Baltimore or under Sharia law in Aceh?

          I am not an American citizen and I cannot claim to understand the full context of poverty in the US. There are certainly ongoing injustices in all western countries. However there must be something going for Europe and the US otherwise they would not have significant and ongoing uncontrolled immigration issues. Why are people so keen to leave non western countries and come to the US- the epitome of the capitalist/western/separation of powers system- if the system is so bad?
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            Jokowi’s view of international relations appears straightforward. He has a deep suspicion of the motivations of larger powers, especially western, and has referred repeatedly to the exploitative nature of ‘developed’ nations relations towards ‘developing’ nations such as his own in his speeches.


            Jokowi: why the game is not the same
            22 May 2015|Greg Fealy



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              @katarabhumi[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#141414][FONT=Arial] - We may not have the biggest gold medal collection from the Olympics, but when it comes to sharpshooting, it seems there are none more pin point accurate than shooters from the Indonesian Army.[/FONT][/COLOR]

              Sharpshooters from the Indonesian Army absolutely destroyed the competition at an Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM) international shooting competition, which was held in Puckapunyal, Australia, from May 20-23.

              “Our medal collection far exceeded the others. It could be said we won by a landslide,” said Brigadier General Wuryanto, head the Indonesian Army’s Public Information Agency, as quoted by Tempo yesterday.

              Indonesia claimed 30 gold, 16 silver, and 10 bronze medals. The next best performing country, Australia, only managed 4 gold, 9 silver, and 6 bronze medals. The USA, in third, collected 4 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

              For the competition, the Indonesian Army sent 14 of its best sharpshooters from the Special Forces Command (Kopassus) and the Strategic Reserve Command (Kostrad). It seems they were so damn good it wasn’t fair for the competition.

              This was the eighth overall victory for Indonesia at an Asia-Pacific shooting competition.

              TNI FTW! Indonesian forces sweep gold medals at shooting competition in Australia | Coconuts Jakarta


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                I find this very hard to believe
                The answer is 42 .... any questions? .


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                  Sorry mate. It is. The Pindad rules supreme. My family are ordering now. (joke)


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                    Ya understood ...... the art of war .....
                    The answer is 42 .... any questions? .