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Locals Only: Indonesian government to clamp down on foreign land ownership

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    Originally posted by Jaime C View Post
    It's certainly possible I'm mistaken. I just recall folks saying their expat spouses names were on titles.
    As a note on the technicality, even in the event of WNI-WNI couples, usually only 1 name appears on the land certificate. Having a WNA's name alongside a WNI's name on a certificate is very unlikely, as it would be rejected by either the Notaris or BPN.

    The one instance that I can think of where a WNA's name appears on a certificate is if the WNA was previously WNI, then lost that when they acquired another citizenship (without telling anyone). In this case really the only way the gov't finds out would be if the ex-WNI was caught with a second passport, or if someone tattled on them.


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      so, whats the hassle here ?
      Its still easy to purchase ID/KTP here and use it to buy a land. As long as the land isnt in Java-Sumatra Area, you guys are pretty much safe. Typical Jokowi ministers, they diminish Indonesia into Jakarta. Policies are mostly Java-Jakarta centris. I remember what Jonan said regarding Air Asia accident and how air clearance between 2 airport works
      "The Beauty of Indonesia is located outside Jakarta"