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Terrorist attack on newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris leaves 12 dead, many wounded

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    Originally posted by johntap View Post
    His parents are moslems?
    Yes, they are.

    So does the wife of Cherif Kouachi and she has released a similar statement, albeit through her lawyer and not directly.


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      Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranians have condemned the shooting.
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        Originally posted by lantern View Post
        Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iranians have condemned the shooting.
        They can stick it where it doesn't shine, really.

        Al the three terrorists are dead and that's good. There could have been intelligence value in taking them alive, but also a lot of complications.

        What disturbs me is that at least two out the three were known to the security/intelligence forces, but still were able to perpetrate a massacre. I does not inspire much trust in how the problem of islamic extremism is being handled.


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          This is heartening to read -sorry if someone posted it already... not had chance to go thru some of the links.

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