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In Islam, Women Not Equal to Men

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    Originally posted by Mister Bule View Post
    Men have rights to how they should be treated by women, and women also have rights as to how they should be treated by men (as husband or wife, as father, mother, brother, sister, or simply as one Muslim to another), but the rights of men and those of women are NOT THE SAME.

    That's how I explain it.

    Please note, however, that this concept of "women being lower than men", is not, to the best of my knowledge, ever stated as such in the Qur'an.

    Anti-Islamists will provide plenty of references to the Qur'an which they will say "proves" that women are considered as inferior to men in Islam and so forth. That is their view, but it is not the view of most Muslims (either men or women).

    "Not equal" does not necessarily mean that one is "lower" than the other.
    This is where you get me lost.
    All the quotation you bring point to a "equal but different", with which I don't have any problem.

    But you stick to your "not equal" which i don't still see the explanation in how Islam consider woman not equal to men.

    and... Yes you are right, "not egual" does not necessarily mean "lower" as it can also mean "higher".
    But, sincerely, what else can it mean?

    * * * * *

    I have the feeling we are talking about two different definition of gender equality.
    As same as the title of the article of the OP which I consider (like I already said... and not sure if it was erased by the mod) deceitful.

    From wiki: Gender equality [...] refers to the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender.

    In this definition, having different attribute, familial or social role, etc... this don't affect their equality.
    The quote "You have got (rights) over them, and they have got (rights) over you" seem to support this point of view.
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      Philippe, I will try to come back to this in a day or two (not promising), but to be honest right now I'm feeling a bit low on fuel for the discussion (not meaning that I have no answer for it, just that formulating the answer mentally is more work than I feel up to just now). It is a bit of a tricky point, semantically.

      Cheers for asking reasonable questions and discussing reasonably (emotion being involved is not a problem) with what seems to be a somewhat open mind to the topic.
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        It's alright

        Having an answer to this is also NOT in my priority

        Have a nice day
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