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    Originally posted by Jeremy Fabiano View Post

    What about the IETF ? The internet engineering task force? They are not attached to any government. They make no laws. Yet the internet standardization
    is governed by them. A self governed group of experts in their field. Everything works does it not ? If you don't follow what they say guess what , what every your doing online does not work or
    works like crap? They don't come and arrest you! They don't take your equipment! They don't condemn your house or close your business.
    They don't fine you or in anyway bother you! They let you be free! Because they understand true freedom fosters innovation and advancement.
    It's been years since I've read as much claptrap on an internet forum. The internet only works because of one organization? I'd expect such posts from a 19 naive college student who thinks they know everything. 30 countries is great, but I've been to almost double that, and know a lot of people who are into triple digits.

    You out would quickly be living in a cardboard box, if not for safety regulations, services and protection that governments offer. They're far from perfect, of course, and can always be improved.
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