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Jews protecting Muslims in London

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  • Jews protecting Muslims in London

    Should have been in the local newspapers as well… to promote pluralism and goodwill.

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    Orthodox Jews are quite tolerable, generally, for Muslims as both tend to live lives apart from the larger society. There are parallels, to be certain. I significantly prefer Jews to Christians; a prejudice I have held since I was an atheist. A majority of the people I have dated have been Jewish, and I also have confirmed Jewish ancestors, so I suppose I also have some bias there. Unfortunately, few Muslims are willing to see it that way. The primary issue that poisons such a relationship is, of course, modern Middle East politics.

    But if they could see past that, then they could understand that there is much we can do to assist one another. Such a waste.


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      I enjoy winding up my missus when I point out to her how much of Islam is derived from Judaism (just recently for instance with regard to Idul Adha) and how much closer the two faiths are to each other (circumcision, halal/kosher food etc.) when compared to Judaism and Christianity. It usually just ends up in a lot of harumphing however.


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        My favorite religion-that-is-not-mine is Buddhism. I don't remember ever being harassed about my religion or lack thereof by a Buddhist. This may be asinine, but I don't remember ever being inconvenienced by a Buddhist's need to comply with his religion's rules, either. Then again, I don't really know many Buddhists.

        Going to start a new thread, "What is your favorite Religion-That-Is-Not-My-Own".


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          Every religion has their pro-cons and also their bad and good "supporters". Including Buddhism. I had been tremendously taught in some Catholic Chinese schools in Medan (since kids until highschool) which weirdly all of them were attended by many Buddhist students. I know many of my Chinese Buddhist school friends' families and by that, I am pretty familiar with Buddhist and Chinese cultures. In my view, I tend to perceive Buddhism to be not "so special" like you or other people may see and it has some bad aspects as well. Not forget to mention, I know lots of "rude" Buddhist Chinese as well as very nice Buddhist friends who are able to get along with Moslems Medan and Christian Medan and Baha'i Medan et etc. So, my point is, every religion comes to each people's impression differently, even it's about Buddhism. I will never trust a religion because of its supporters in first place.

          Anyway, speaking of the topic, I like the quote stated there "We are both sons of Abraham after all". It actually can unite 3 big religions.
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