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Express a support message for delivery to Neil and Ferdi here

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    Thank you NG. FYI, Ferdi is Indonesian. (In his case the actual thought might best be expressed as "to be falsely accused without the protection of an Embassy standing with you" although that's probably a bit more than we need to go into in this setting.) Don't worry about it, though, I'll make a minor edit to preserve your intent.
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      Quick update: I collated all the messages and sent them off to the person who coordinates prison visits today. At the vigil, I read a short passage from each of the messages (there were 12). The support seemed to be much appreciated. Some of the vigil participants have the misfortune to be extremely close to the situation, and are struggling to stay strong. I know they realize that the message is meant for them as well.

      Thank you to all who participated. It's a very tiny effort in the face of an overwhelming situation, but even these little gestures help people to keep going.