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Possible six-year prison sentence for Aussie involved in accident

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  • Possible six-year prison sentence for Aussie involved in accident

    From here...

    AN Australian man who was involved in a motorcycle crash that killed an Indonesian woman could face charges carrying up to six years in jail.

    West Java police have kept Jake Drage, 23, in custody since last Monday’s collision.

    Police on Friday said they had finished investigations and the former personal trainer would likely be charged with “reckless” driving causing death.

    If found guilty, Mr Drage faces a maximum six years in jail and/or a maximum fine of Rp 12 million (AU$1102).

    The West Australian man was on a surfing holiday when his motorbike clipped another.

    Quite a contrast to the story for 13-year old son of Ahmad Dhani when he killed seven people last year...'Ahmad Dhani’s Son Faces 3 Years in Prison for Fatal Wreck'. Especially since the prosecutors on his case ended up only seeking a two-year probation and his dumb-arse father seems to have gotten off scott-free.

    Anyone have updates on either story?
    Sometimes I feel I must be lexdysic.

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    He faces a maximum of six years inside - until his parents make a discreet bank transfer - bule = $$$$$$ to cops and i feel this is nothing more than a scare tactic.


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      Better spend that money for the victim's family and good lawyer.
      Indonesia is perplexing. Deal with it!


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        Another shining example of Indonesian "justice"...
        Things happen for a reason...


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          Just a typical example of the press picking up on the potential extremes of a situation instead of sticking to facts.
          To the best of my knowledge this guy has a decent situation with the family involved and as far as I know they have even been taking him food.
          I don't think it warrants casting judgements in here or in the press. As far as I know the people involved have been trying to keep it out of the public eye so that things could be dealt with in a reasonable manner - without the silly speculation and such that the press throws into the mix- at the end of the day these situations are about real people and their lives, not just gossip fodder on the net.
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            Cicak Magnet


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              Originally posted by bad_azz View Post
              Just a typical example of the press picking up on the potential extremes of a situation instead of sticking to facts.
              Sort of get what you mean, but they do quite clearly say 'possible' and 'maximum'. And by the way, I'm not interested in gossip - I'm a driver.

              Ah, I see I missed something before which is that the maximum sentence for a minor is half that for an adult, hence the six years vs three years. Doesn't really explain why the couldn't dish out three years for each of A.Q.J.'s seven victims though.
              Sometimes I feel I must be lexdysic.


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                Badingo, i'm sorry- my remarks were not intended as personal to you.
                Its the "news"papers I take issue with and those who take what they say as fact- when we all know better really.
                They make situations worse than they already are by putting a dramatised slant on things to grab attention and so often forget that they are messing around with real people and real lives.

                I guess

                "A young Australian man and a teenage Indonesian girl were involved in a road collision recently.
                The Australian is being held until the authorities decide the correct course of action.
                The pillion-passenger on the other motorcycle died from her injuries the day after the incident (allegedly, the mother of the teenage driver who it is believed was not wearing a helmet)

                is not going to grab too much attention.

                And yep- totally with you re the 13yr old boy driving in the middle of the night and wiping out 7 people. That would be laughable if it wasn't so very, very tragic.
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