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Treasure Chest Found in Banda Aceh

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    Originally posted by whatever View Post
    Well, when I first saw you I thought of a fair skinned man, with neat and dark hair, not old, charismatic and wise wearing casual outfits. But when I saw more of your posts, your casual outfits changed into baju Aceh, Dan. I mean it. I imagine that person wearing iket kepala too and standing up firm in the middle of chaos village. I know I know, it's just my imagination.
    Heh. You have a *wild* imagination.

    Nah, I'm a typical American white boy. I just happen to be outspoken on Internet forums. :P


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      I am, I am. Everybody who knows me knows that ha ha. And I didn't know you were an American at first, I thought you were Indonesian or mixed hence I picture you as a fair-skinned man. Ah yes, great pic btw, seneng liatnya!