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Is this for real? Child sexual abuse at JIS?

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  • Is this for real? Child sexual abuse at JIS?

    (edited by atlantis: I have removed a link to a "newspaper" article giving vivid and graphic details of a child sexual abuse. Out of respect for the victim and family, I believe that the forum is NOT the place to expose such disturbing details. Discussing the reasons why such horrific crime may happened is not infringing our policy and may help to raise awareness, but who the heck wants that the family and the victim get perpetually remembered the details of it???)

    Anyone heard anything?
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    Just a heads up for anyone reading this like I did: don't do it unless you're not squeamish. That was an unusually vivid report...


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      Hey I Googled it and not much we could find.

      Is it the same thing? Because says it's pre-school student and the initial is M and Kompas says it's SD the initials is AK.

      That one says it's SD not pre-school.

      This is really sad thing to happen
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        Well, isn't this nice? Let's go for the "vivid detail", regardless of the hurt felt by the family and the JIS community.

        As a JIS parent, I'm not thrilled with this thread. Yes, it is true that there was an assault. However, the feelings of the people involved should be everyone's first priority - not titillating and totally unsubstantiated details.

        I wish the family, and the larger JIS community, healing and closure. The abuse of children should not be fodder for sensationalism.


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          Seems like Merdeka is another Pos Kota. Gore and smut are their currency. You can see that Kompas treats the subject with more sensitivity.


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            Yes, unfortunately it is true. But all JIS staff have been asked not to comment publicly about it. It can happen anywhere.


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              This is a big deal for the parents community at JIS, particularly PIE parents. Most of, parents at PIE, feel that our children are unsafe, exposed to these perverted people.
              For those parents feeling the same way, there is a meeting tomorrow Tuesday 15 April at 9am. Sorry, I can't tell where it is for security and confidently issues, but just ask around to your fellow parents and friends and will find out. Meeting is for Parents only.


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                "It can happen anywhere." What's that supposed to mean?

                That JIS, security wise, is no better than your run of the mill international school? That JIS bears some sort of diminished responsibility because the act is essentially unpreventable? Or perhaps the reversal, that the school has a heightened responsibility for its lapse in failing to effectively guard against an act that is all to common?

                I ask because when something like this happens and the "it can happen anywhere," statement is invariably uttered, its usually said as a defense of those with in loco parentis responsibility.

                But I hope you intended meaning is that all of us with children in school, any school, should be ever vigilant?


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                  perhaps it could happen anywhere, but at a $25,000/year school you'd hope any adults on site would be vetted or supervised


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                    What the hey? What are you trying to imply? Jump off your high horse for a second mister. My comment means exactly what it says. It CAN happen anywhere, JIS, BIS or Highscope or SMA 57. That's not defending or excusing anything. It means it is not a reflection of the school.


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                      Originally posted by jimmi james View Post
                      What the hey? What are you trying to imply? Jump off your high horse for a second mister. My comment means exactly what it says. It CAN happen anywhere, JIS, BIS or Highscope or SMA 57. That's not defending or excusing anything. It means it is not a reflection of the school.
                      So it was meant as a diminishment of JIS responsibility. Thanks for the clarification.


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                        Dear JIS Community, I have some shocking, painful news to share about a tragic event that recently occurred on our campus.

                        Evidence in an on-going investigation indicates that one of our Pondak Indah Elementary students was assaulted by an adult during a school day.
                        Just contemplating such an event is horrible, and the reality is far worse.
                        We are suffering with the child and with the family as we swiftly seek justice and strive to ensure the safety of all of our children.

                        Since receiving this news, we have been working with local authorities and the family to identify the perpetrator. Suspects, who are members of externally contracted staff, are currently being questioned by the police.
                        While the investigation is on-going, we are not able to reveal further details at this time.

                        Likewise, we need to honor the request of the impacted family to ensure confidentiality and urge you not to try to guess the identity of the child.

                        We have done considerable work on child protection, security, and risk management in the last year, and are in the midst of implementing new policies and protocols to improve our standards of prevention on all of our campuses.
                        As both a deterrent and an investigative tool, we are increasing the number of video cameras.
                        In consultation with security experts, we have already made some structural modifications on the campus and changed protocols during the school day.

                        We will continue implementing our Child Protection curriculum and educating adults about the diagnosis and prevention of any potential harm to students.
                        Our related policies and practices will be refined and updated as well.

                        This is a tremendous blow to the sanctity of the JIS community, about which we all care so deeply, and this event weighs heavily on all of our hearts.
                        We will all recover, though, and the inherent goodness in our midst will prevail.
                        Compassion and perseverance, such key components of the JIS core, will help carry us through this difficult time.
                        -Forwarded from JIS parents
                        This space is available for rent.


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                          That's a really sad story . And more surprising it happened at JIS. I am sure that parents expecting high security for an expensive school such JIS.


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                            Police checks can only determine if someone has a record & what its for, so is it really worth bickering about it?
                            If (& my Bahasa Indonesia is not that great- so I dunno) this guy already had a record for abusing children and was employed , directly by the school , then that is a different matter - that would show some negligence for child safety.

                            Its awful that the child was subjected to this abuse. It is good (if there can be any good from such a situation) the child was able to divulge the situation to his parent.

                            For those who fear this situation & do not know how to deal with it/ react, should the worst occur, here are a few useful tips:

                            As a society, the best lesson we can teach our kids (to protect them and empower them) is to not be scared to tell us the truth.
                            The responsibility of the parent is (also) to treat the child's swords with some respect.
                            If a child discloses to you, do not respond with "are you sure?", "I don't believe it" etc...
                            "oh" is often a useful tool to buy some thinking time when faced with a disclosure
                            Also, it is wise not to question the child in any leading way, BE CALM, (remember the child is watching your reaction- so do your damnedest not to freak out in front of them) be supportive & attentive, be sure the child knows its not their fault. Most of all listen to what they have to say... listen to what is not said too, the initial disclosure could be a way of sounding you out...
                            Remember the child is most likely stressed and afraid of your reaction.

                            I am not sure what the child protection services are like here in Indonesia, but the rule of thumb is to report to the police and they will usually , carefully question the child and deal with matters from thence forward.

                            Here is a useful, educational link so that at least hopefully some good can come from this child's angst and not just internet gossip...

                            Cicak Magnet


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                              The SKCK (surat keterangan catatan kepolisian = certified police record) is the only available method for background check in Indonesia, and in my opinion it's virtually worthless because I sincerely doubt a real criminal record search is being performed.

                              You either need to put monitored cameras everywhere, or structure the building in such a way that areas of risk (bathrooms, lockers, etc.) are practically next to the classrooms and within earshot of the teachers. Better yet, do both. What if the teacher is the perpetrator (sadly not unusual either)? Then having a close and centrally located risk areas becomes more important, so everybody is watching everybody else. Having a buddy system is also worth considering for the mean time; nobody goes anywhere alone.