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this man killed our cat

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  • this man killed our cat

    If you live in Permata Hijau, Jakarta Selatan, be careful when hiring a gardener because we hired a mental one. His name is Pak Budi, age 50 years old and he drives a motorcycle and works as a gardener on Jalan. Opal Permata Hijau and as a security as jalan Zamrud. He worked for our family for about 4 months and we had to let him go.

    This man:
    1. he has a mental illness and weird personality (look the photo he always looks down)
    2. he likes to yell at people including me (as his boss)
    3. we had a cat and when he worked at our front yard and he said he found our cat DEAD in the bush!! Our cat was not sick and he was fine until this man found him dead. I bet he killed by hitting our cat to dead. And it is very unusual because we know our cat did not like to sleep outdoor. So the only way our cat to be dead is by being killer by someone.

    The photo can be found here:

    just be careful with this man.....

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    He worked for four months? You should have fired him in less than a month when he showed some signs already. Moreover, better to do a background check when hiring and always hire through an agency next time.

    If you have some concrete evidence that he killed your cat, better report it to the animal rights group so they can take some action.