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Impossible to Repatriate my dogs to UK

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  • Puspawarna
    Oh dear. I wish I could help. Our house is fully "animal-ed up" or I would definitely volunteer. I will spread the word among my friends.

    What an awful situation - I feel your pain. I could no more imagine leaving behind a beloved family pet than I could leave behind a child.

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  • phiss
    started a topic Impossible to Repatriate my dogs to UK

    Impossible to Repatriate my dogs to UK

    I am in a state of absolute shock! It seems I would have to find something like IDR80 million+ to take my dogs with me to the UK. I knew it was going to be expensive but not this expensive! I had already decided to leave all my worldly possessions here in Indonesia and spend all the money I had on transporting the dogs. But even doing that, I would not have nearly enough money!!

    I cannot bear the thought of having them 'put down'. It would be like killing my own children! Non-dog lovers might not understand that statement, but dog lovers will. And I hate to think of them kept in a cage 24/7.

    So, is there any dog lover out there who has a house and garden big enough to let them run free, and who would be interested in adopting them. It would be easier in Medan, but I would pay the cost of moving them to another place, such as Jakarta, etc.

    The dogs are a Golden Retriever and a smaller black mix breed dog. They are fully housebroken and are used to running in and out freely. However, they are also used to being left alone while I go off to work, shopping etc.

    Please, please, please help me someone. I just don't know what to do next.

    PS: I never anticipated having to leave Indonesia for at least a few more years. The special circumstances have come out of the blue!!