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Parks where you can walk with a dog?

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  • Parks where you can walk with a dog?

    I will be moving to Jakarta with my dog at the end of July. We will be living in Prapanca.
    Does anyone know of any parks where you can walk with your dog (on or off lead)?
    Are there any dog walking or meeting groups in Jakarta?
    and lastly;
    Is there a list anywhere of dog friendly places, restaurants, hôtels etc...that anyone knows of?
    Thanks in advance
    Thank you!

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    Hahahahaha. Guess you haven't been here yet for any longer period? The fear and rejection of dogs is pretty strong, for obvious reasons. Areas with many expats and Chinese are somewhat more liberal. There is no Paris Hilton trend here to take Tinkerbell everywhere, I personally don't know any restaurant or hotel that would allow dogs. On public transportation and even most taxis there are no dogs allowed.

    The 'park' that I know where you can take your dog is Central Park, the mall in Jakarta Barat. Next to the mall is an outside area where dogs are allowed on Sundays. It is more like a fashion show with many dressed up dogs and even dogs in buggy's.

    Also, it is possible to take the dog to an area called Ecopark Ancol close to the sea (Jakarta Bay). Officially not during weekends (but some do it anyway).

    Another option is walking the dog on "car free day" (well, more early morning) also on Sundays. That is closer to your location.

    Also not so far is the K9 kennel in Ciputat. They have an outside training track.
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      I'm an avid dog lover myself, but i have to agree with jstar.. Jakarta isn't the most dog-friendly city, far from it.
      Though I would LOVE to play with your dog if you do move nearby as i enjoy evening stroll ...


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        Ok. Thanks for your replies. When I arrive I'll get looking for places...
        Someone (reliable) told me dogs were welcome, as long as you pick after them, in the Taman Departemen Pertanian near the Zoo.


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          Well I would keep your eye on your dog, my friends little boy had a nice dog for his birthday, it disappeared after a while , stolen, their is talk of Satay,


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            I went to Jakarta and Ciputat too with my 2 dogs and my sister.. Lovely places