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Quarantine Centre Conditions at SoeTa

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  • Quarantine Centre Conditions at SoeTa

    Hi All,

    We're sending our 2 dogs to Indonesia, quite close to Lebaran dates. Tentatively they'll be arriving a week before start of Lebaran.

    As we won't have anyone to look after the dogs over Lebaran holiday (we will be away) we are considering if we should leave them at Quarantine Centre at SoeTa, and then pick them up after we come back from Lebaran.

    So I'm wondering if anyone here has left their dogs at the quarantine centre for the full 14 days? Just want to know how the conditions are, if the dogs are properly looked after, able to walk/ exercise etc? Definitely don't want to pick up 2 depressed dogs....


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    Hmm, haven't heard the Soetta reference for quite a long time. Not that common so when you ask it's probably better to use something else to refer to the airport.

    So are you using an agent like Groovy or JakPetz? If so, there very often is no quarantine (at all). They have ways to smoothen the process.

    The reason is not only that people want their pet fast, the taking care of the animals at that place does not have a very good reputation. There are horror stories (ticks, bad hygiene, ..) but also positive experiences. It could depend on the available staff. I had no problems myself when I imported without using an agent but I went often to check and to make sure all was okay. So I would advise against leaving the pets 'unattended' for two weeks.

    There are pet hotels (even some agents offer those) so that could be a viable alternative.
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      Oh- haha I've always referred it as SoeTa, wasn't aware it's not a common reference.

      Yes, we'll be using Groovy Pets.
      Problem lies in pets will be arriving just before start of Hari Raya holiday; we've checked a few dog boardings and they're all full, and we will be away again for Hari Raya break- so we don't really have anyone to look after them when we're away for Hari Raya break.
      Leaving them at the quarantine for the full 14 days will work out well timing wise because we will be back just at the end of the 14 days quarantine. Then we can pick them up and head home together.


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        Yeah, I was able to figure out "SoeTa" from context and knowing how words like "pokja" work, but I have never heard that before.

        Anyway - I realize this may not be an option, but in your shoes I would consider delaying the dogs' departure, if they can be boarded/cared for well by someone in their present location. Don't have them arrive until you are able to pick them up right away.

        Even if it's possible, it isn't a perfect solution: sometimes it costs more to ship pets independently (rather than on the same flight as the owner), and it is always scary to think of your pets traveling unescorted. However, we've done that sort of thing in the past when forced, and it has always worked out okay.


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          we just arrived with our two doggies a few weeks back and used animalexpress as the importing agent.
          We opted to have the doggies stay in the gov't quarantine facilities within, or just outside, the airport grounds for just one night only (love the possibilities here sometimes) as we were also very worried in advance about the whole process and conditions of the gov't facilities. As we couldnt move in our house immediately we organized a transport to a petboarding facility for the next couple of days/nights; in hindsight this was not necessary, as the gov't facilities were surprisingly clean and well looked after. Our dogs arrived on the same plane as us and we went to check out the facilities upon arrival.
          Although quite basic, the holding rooms were actually very spacious for our medium size dogs (but reckon even a larger breed would still have plenty of space to pace around a bit), well maintained (I have seen much worse boarding facilities when in china), no stench, properly AC'd, and plenty of water and food provided for. There were a few other dogs being held when we arrived, and all seemed pretty relaxed. The grassy areas outside the holding areas turned out to be great play/walking grounds for our dogs, as they would walk them there a few times a day (our agent sent over some pics). I was told the facilities were renewed last year.
          So yeah, although our dogs stayed only two days - one night, the impression/experience we had was really not all that bad/horror like we were afraid of.
          However, like Jstar mentioned, I think key is to have somebody go for a regular check to see how the dogs are doing - also to keep the govt officials sharp and in check - since you mentioned you are using Groovy, this is something they should at least being doing for you with the price you are paying them...
          good luck


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            McPeacock, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. That will be really helpful for others in the future!


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              Good stuff.
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                We brought our dog in at about the same time, we tried to get her to arrive before Hari Raya to find out cargo closed early the day before the holiday started. She arrived the following Friday night, and we were able to get her released on Monday. She had a rash and a few fleas despite having a flea treatment before departing the States. We visited her on Saturday, and although the facility was decent, all the doors were open and tons of mosquitoes were in her kennel. The facility had good security, and we walked her around the grounds. We were concerned, as there was no paperwork on her kennel to ID her. We gave the man a tip to look after her. Groovy Pet brought her to our house, and we immediately gave her a bath, she was totally disgusting. It took her a day to recover, but now she is happy to be home.
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