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Bringing a dog to manado

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  • Bringing a dog to manado

    Ok frist of all the dog has to come or wife wont come. We are having problems with figureing how to get the dog to manado. The frist idea was to ship dog with us on singapore airlines (sinkair from singapore) but thats not possiable. This is differant than bringing a dog into jakarta. Trying not to spend life savings on getting him to manado. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone used a pet transport company? Oh we are coming from west coast of calif. Going to post in living outside of jakarta also.

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    I've heard people mention Jakpets. Very likely it would have to be shipped to Jakarta, and then to Manado. Perhaps Atlantis or other Manado residents might have more detailed info.
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      Thanks jamie will check it out


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        I have a Belgian Malinois that I want to bring to MDO. I live on the West Coast and if everything goes right I should be in MDO within 6 to 8 months maybe sooner.


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          Hi, Have you tried to contact a Pet Transport agent? I heard that Groovy Pet Transport has the most experience. They have a FB page:
          Good luck!


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            Thanks for the info about groovypettransport andrea. Hey cowboy if you get a chance drop me a email at [email protected] want to see how your move is doing.


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              Search the forum for Groovy and Jakpetz. Also pet and rabies will generate quite some results. Many posts on importing pets. I have done both and I can safely say it is better to use an agent than doing it yourself. Especially if you don't live here yet, are not in Jakarta and don't speak the language.

              It will cost you though; count on $1.000 if you want to avoid quarantine. And that's excluding the vet and lab in the US and the actual shipment.
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