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Cattery list in Jakarta?

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  • Cattery list in Jakarta?

    Hi can anyone give me list of cat home cares in Jakarta and reliable Cattery?
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    To find a cattery, you first need to know what breed you are looking for. Every cattery has specialties (e.g. British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Persian, Sphynx).

    Then you can contact the different cat's associations or look at their websites to find breeders. The reputable breeder should always be a member of (one of those) associations. Examples are TICA or CFA. Specific for Indonesia is the ICA.

    Breeders can be blacklisted or suspended. And therein lies the power of the buyer: Breeders also participate in shows organized by the associations and are very sensitive for complaints about them directed via the cat association. So it does give you some extra security.

    Having said that, the problem is that even if members subscribe the rules of conduct of the association, that's no guarantee they follow them. Probably best to search different cat forums to see what the experiences with a certain breeder are.
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