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  • Karaoke - Need answers

    Been frequenting a few Karaoke clubs in Bali lately & had some q's I hope someone can answer for me.
    I have not yet been offered sex, tho everyone I tell I'm going or coming from Karaoke says oh good boom boom ?
    I should say these are not the Cafe type establishments but the more upmarket ones with bar, lounge & various levels of VIP rooms.
    I do regularly get offered naked dancing or to meet up tomorrow in the day for a "date". So this leads me to my q's...
    Is sex always an option? or depend on the girl?
    What would be the average monthly wage for an LC?

    Reason I ask is, you guessed it ....I met a girl in one of these establishments who I have become quite keen on. When I asked her about the sex she seemed genuinely shocked. I find it hard to believe, even if she doesn't offer the "extras" herself that it would be new to her. Also the salary she told me she averages a month seemed awfully high to me unless she is offering extras & is extremely good at them...wink wink.

    I realise im going to slammed over this.....all good, but I hope to get some good genuine advice & facts from some knowledgable & experienced people also.


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    Basically in Jakarta there are two types of Karaoke places. First is Family Karaoke which is all above board and good family fun, lots of fun, and I have happily sang Dandut classics with my whole Indonesian family in these places including my 70 year old mother in law. There are a few chains like Happy Puppy etc, tend to be in Malls ands mid/upper Ruko's Then there are others, generally the world 'executive' used in any form in relation to place selling alcohol tends to mean is will be sleazy and involved in human trafficking. But you should get the vibe on entry no wives and kids, all young girls etc. Basically for some reason Indonesian Guinness being sold in places also tends to draw a less then well intentioned crowd. If you have trusted local male friend run it by them, as they will now which places are which etc. Most Indonesians girls who talk to you about money before your married should be avoided. The good ones either don't need it or don't value you for it. If it is a family Karaoke place and the girl is working on reception or serving drinks no reason to suspect she is any other than a normal girl. But if other girls in the place are offering extras, then its all that kind of place, and she maybe has has an angle on you with her shocked and surprised approach. But if you want to meet nice girls any nightlife place (this rule I think allies to the whole world) is not always the best option, work, churches (in Indonesia) and hobbies is the way forward.


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      Derek Weapon, your advice is not very good. Yes - churches - great way to meet Indonesians!! Don't talk about money before getting married!! All karaoke bars have human trafficking!! Any more gems you have for us? Are you of the opinion that every lady wearing a short skirt is a prostitute? (I'm betting - yes).


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        For Bintangalley, your gut feeling is correct. Now the challenge for you is to get the sexy time for free.