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    Hi, I have just arrived to Jakarta and would like to get to know and do some outdoor activities with expats in Jakarta. If there is someone from Estonia, that would be also really interesting meet (I am not sure there is anybody though). Also if someone is going diving, would also be interesting to hear and join if possible (I only have open water certificate...)

    Take care...


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    I am not Estonian but wish you a warm welcome to Indonesia & to the Expat Forum.


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      try the hash (hhh). dop a search on google for jakarta hash house harriers

      might help if you told us other interests and budget. plenty of diving is offered from a shop in the hotel kristal


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        Lots of organizations listed here. There are quiet a few dive shops around Jakarta who offer diving including the Hotel Kristal as mentioned above. I did a rescue diver course with them and they were fine. While Indonesia has some great diving you will need to get to places like Sulawesi, Bali, Komodo and the like (IMO) in order to experience it. All those locations have lots of dive operators and you can just shop around when you get there.

        If you like to run try these guys Be warned that they run at about 5.30 am!

        There are quiet a few expat football teams around Jakarta. They are often sponsored by the different expat pubs like Eastern Promise in Kemang so you could check those out . It can depend on where you live. A friend of mine used to play football at the International Sports Club of Indonesia (ISCI) but gave up as he had to spend two hours in the car to play one hous of football. Aussie Rules football is popular here and there are also a few rugby teams.

        Many people play golf as there are lots of courses around Jakarta. It's not exactly cheap though.

        If you are really bored you could try gaelic football.
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          Welcome to the forum.


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            Welcome Siim, Great to have you here on the forum.

            Take care,

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              So welcome to Jakarta ... I'm in Cilegon, Banten ... Nice to know you!


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                Hi Siim...

                I never diving before but would love to try. And one of my friend is invite to dive in one of an island close to Ancol called "pulau kotok". So, if you want to join us just pm me and we can arrange. How about that???

                Look forward for it.