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Hello there, an introduction.

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  • Hello there, an introduction.

    Hi, I'm Sandy. 29 yo, male. Indonesian nationality.
    Idk why but it always intrigued me about people of different nationality living here. I have been an expat before, lived in Singapore / Malaysia for quite sometime (for study, that counts.. right?).. but that's most probably not the reason... still of Asian culture, altho of a VERY significant cultural difference..

    So, i'm here to offer my assistance[s] to people having primarily language difficulties in Indonesia. I know it may be harder for expats to live in here than us locals. I want to make life a bit more bearable. I won't be a dedicated teacher, but i'm willing to converse and help to develop a practical usage of the this particular language (For FREE ofc, yes i have quite a sufficient job to feed myself).

    While there is google translate for most occasions.. but sometimes it may not be enough.
    Direct translation as we all know doesnt account for difference in culture that we have, how we say things.
    Whether the sentence is soft with good intent, or rough/rude (which can be bad for delicate situations). et cetera.

    What I get from this? I get to practice my English more...

    That will be all I guess. PM me for further info, and we'll take it from there.
    I trust that my good intent wont be misused and I hope that this service will be beneficial, esp to those in need.
    Thank you.

    NB. Idk whether this post should be put in Newbie Nook section or not.. so, if it's not in the right place.. please just move it there. Thanks in advance.
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