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any lesbian in Jakarta?

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    Originally posted by london89~ View Post
    Well, I read this thread and got me thinking.. Why don't some of L members here just grab glasses of beers on nice lounge and have some chit chat? By the way, count me in girls
    Good idea


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      Originally posted by Sopie View Post

      Because I haven't been there yet.
      haven't been where again?


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        Originally posted by Ivonne0206 View Post

        Good idea
        Count me in! [email protected]


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          Originally posted by ehmahgerd View Post

          Arrr I overlooked your qusetion on the last page and was responding to the general theme of the thread. Kroshka was right about the lack of expat rendezvous but there are local rendezvous and places lesbians tend to gravitate to. Oh well I met a number of L expats on a dating site, non Brenda, all types except for butch. I also a few more through work but they're the travelling kind who visit the country every other time.

          Very much IMO: lesbians of working age who are 'real' and working in Jkt would probably feel very little urge to meet other people having solely their orientation as a common ground. There's stigma, but there isn't much hostility and not much rebellion either. Indonesia is a religious (secular, but religious) place so gay people are either apologetic about being gay or, living peacefully whil being resigned to the prevailing conservative culture. No hanging or flogging, too polite for bullying but we're ages away from legalizing same sex marriage. LGBT culture here is politically dull, offering little reason bond besides chit chatting easily substitutable by any other social interaction.

          Hmm? Most lesbians I encountered are effortless authentics, not bicuriousers or the bubbly ones looking into add a few women into their sexual resume just because. I even met my gf through a common social circle without the Internet being involved..

          Back to OP's context though, I have a feeling that if anyone wants to avoid fake lesbians, try an environment, gay or not, that doesn't nurture self-fakery. By sheer theory, in each place there should be small % of queer people, closet or non. I work on project basis and there would be one in every other project. The other day when I went makan with gf at Soto Lamongan Kelapa Gading, 7 tables were taken, 3 by hozmoz couples even though Soto Lamongan isn't exactly a gay hub.

          But if anyone's serious about meeting genuine lesbians, a lot at once, make an intro post on LGBT Indonesia forum, there's a girl who invites everyone else into a Whatsapp group and host kopi darat (I'd skip the group chat and attend the kopdar). Young and locals but quite open-minded. And pretty too.
          Looks like LGBT Indonesia forum has been closed, as well as satupelangi and sepocikopi , has anyone a member of some whatsapp group or any community? I'd like to socialize as well, and having a good friend (hopefully)


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            Originally posted by meichmoi View Post
            Whats so controversial bout d question?
            Davita, googling lesbian or gay as keyword wont get u anywhere real. Not without hitting DOZENS of fake website/suggestion/link.

            @pimpin yep, the apollo club in bellagio, i think it was every wednesday/thursday, for genuine L nite.
            I wasnt in jakarta for 2 years, am not sure the apollo or heaven in darmawangsa are still open.
            great info :-)