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American expat, living here for almost 8 years...

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  • American expat, living here for almost 8 years...

    Hi, I'm an American expat living here for almost 8 years. I am married to an Indonesian wife and have children. I have been lurking on this forum for years (only visiting once every 6 months) to read advice about immigration and visas.

    I just decided to sign up as a new member now because my Bahasa Indonesian language proficiency has stalled at the intermediate level. I don't practice speaking Bahasa Indonesia enough and am looking to change that. I'm open to making new friends or acquaintances, expats or locals included.

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    Selamat anda berhasil melalui masa 8 tahun tinggal di Indonesia. that's such a great achievement of your life


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      My wife and I have a similar story although my Indonesian has not progressed much beyond giving directions to Grab car drivers. We made Jakarta our home for 7 years before returning to the Midwest in 2014. We are back for our regular 2 month summer visit, at present, trying to rescue our house from invading termites. Welcome to the discourse side of the Forum.